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2001 Letanias Capitulo 1 CD

Asesino Perfecto  

Deutsche Version in Konstruktion!

This is an interesting new female fronted band. They play a mix of Hard Rock, Gothic and Folk. With the very clear voice of singer Duan Marie it becomes a interesting and listenable mix! But for the majority of the true Metal readers in this page, it will be not interesting! This is only for tolerate souls, and lovers of female vox! They participated also at the "Tribute to LUZBEL" festival, and could record a song for the CD and video of this happening.
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Esta es una interesante nueva banda al frente con una mujer. Tocan mexcla de Hard Rock, Gótico y folklore. Con la muy clara voz de la cantante Duan Marie se vuelve interesante y escuchable! Esto es solo para almas tolerables y amantes de voces femeninas! Participaron tambien en el Tributo a Luzbel, y pudieron grabar un canción para el CD y un video de este hecho.