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My record releases since 2008
Together with friends I release some vinyl LPs!! Under the banner of "Metaleros Records" I release international new and old Metal bands, like the leading young traditional Thrash bands from Latin America: STRIKEMASTER from Mexico, VIOLATOR from Brazil and VIOLENT ATTACK from Paraguay. And the old Belgian cult bands THORAX and BATTERING RAM
Under "Femetal Records" we release female fronted Metal, like the Thrashers DREAMS OF DAMNATION (the new band of Dark Angel guitarist Jim Durkin), IGNITOR, SCARLET ANGEL and ACID! For more informations look at my page:

STRIKEMASTER, Mexico killer Thrash -> CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT!   VIOLATOR, leading new brazilian 80s Thrash band -> CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT!   DREAMS OF DAMNATION, female fronted Thrash -> CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT!   IGNITOR, great female fronted Power Metal -> CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT!   VIOLATOR, first album finally on vinyl -> CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT!   THORAX, great 80s Metal from Belgium -> CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT!   SCALET ANGEL, great female fronted Metal -> CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT!   BATTERING RAM, great 80s Metal from Belgium -> CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT!   ACID, great 80s female fronted Metal from Belgium -> CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT!   ACID Picture LP, great 80s female fronted Metal from Belgium -> CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT!   ACID CD, great 80s female fronted Metal from Belgium -> CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT!   HYDROGYN, great female fronted Hard Rocki-> CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT!   VIOLENT ATTACK, great fast 80s Thrash style -> CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT!   POWER FROM HELL, raw brazilian Thrash Metal-> CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT!   TYRANT, great old US Metal legend -> CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT!   VIOLATOR - The last Thrash attack -> CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT!   THE FORCE, great Paraguay Speed Metal -> CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT!  
STRIKEMASTER - Up for the massacre LP, 500 numb. copies, all "die hard" with patch, poster, bonus track, SOLD OUT!!!
VIOLATOR - Chemical assault LP, 666 numb. copies with poster and special insert, SOLD OUT!!
DREAMS OF DAMNATION - Epic tales of vengeance LP, 500 copies, red vinyl, 4 page insert, 14 Euro, .....last copies
IGNITOR - Road of bones LP + EP, 500 copies, one bonus track, EP "Reinheitsgebot"with printed cover, 15 Euro, ....last copies
VIOLATOR - Violent mosh LP, 666 copies, first album of this killer Thrash band,......SOLD OUT!!
THORAX - Test of time 2LP, 500 copies, Belgian great 80s Metal, 3 demos that were never released before, 12 Euro
SCARLET ANGEL - Same LP, 500 copies, great female fronted Metal, like old Girlschool, 5 Euro
BATTERING RAM LP, 500 copies, Belgian great 80s Metal 15 Euro
ACID - Live Belgium 1984 LP, 500 copies, great female fronted 80s Metal Metal classic....... SOLD OUT!!
ACID - Live Belgium 1984 Pic LP, 500 copies, with gatefold cover, insert and poster,.SOLD OUT!!
ACID - Live Belgium 1984 CD, with 8 page booklet, 2 bonus tracks, NOW 5 Euro !! / 150 copies with poster + stickers 7 Euro
HYDROGYN - Bombshell LP, US female fronted powerfull Hard Rock, gatefold, 6 page insert, poster, 500 copies, 400 black vinyl 5 Euro, 100 red splatter vinyl 8 Euro
VIOLENT ATTACK - The final massacre LP, 500 copies, Paraguay fast 80s Thrash style, black vinyl (400 copies) 13 Euro/ purple vinyl (100 copies) 15 Euro
POWER FROM HELL - Sadismo LP, 500 copies,Brazilian raw Thrash Metal, ......SOLD OUT!!
TYRANT - King of kings LP, US Metal classic, 500 copies, 400 black vinyl 14 Euro, 100 clear vinyl 15 Euro
VIOLATOR - Annihilation process LP, Brazil Thrash Metal attack, 500 copies all black vinyl 13 Euro.....OUT NOW!!!
THE FORCE - Possessed by Metal LP, Great Paraguay Speed Metal, 500 copies, all black vinyl 13 Euro.....OUT NOW!!!

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V8 from Argentina, one of the inventors of Latin American Metal ACTUAL NEWS
Dear Metal fans, sorry for all the delays with expanding this page! I am only one person, and in the last years there came problem after problems, so work on this page stopped since 2006. I moved in 2007 and I had to work in 2 jobs to survive, which let me no time for this project. Now in 2009 I split up with my wife and had to move again. Moving with all my business stock and collection is always a immense work and cost a lot. Now I have to re start all again, continue with my 2 jobs, ....and I have no idea if I can EVER continue with this page! In the meantime myspace and metal-archive became soo big and have so much information, I am not sure if it makes sense anyway to continue this!? For now see it as an history section of the Metal scene in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico from 1980 - 2006!! May be I can continue one day, especially when I find a woman who has the same interess and can join me with my distribution ....and working on this page! A Latin Metalera who want to move to Germany and speaks also English would be perfect,....but in life nothing runs always perfect! That is why this page sleeps now and is like a small encyclopedia of a certain history time in Latin American Metal, and a support page for my Metal distribution and label.
Rata Blanca - the most successful Metal band from Latin America This was the first web site that wrote about True Metal from the Latin American continent, which was almost unknown outside of this area. Even in the different Latin countries they do not know much about the scene in the neighbour countries! I managed only to cover the 3 biggest countries, and a short overview about Chile and Uruguay, till I had to stop the work in 2006.
I started to write about Metal in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil after myfirst trips into this countries in the middle of the 90s in the fantastic German fanzine "Thats Metal", and as soon as the internet was available I started with this page in 1999. This was the first and only page for many years to write about Metal in this continent. I will try in the next future to cover some of the most important new bands and actualize the discographies of the bands which are already included here. But more will not be possible in the next time.
If you want more actual informations about here included bands, and the rest of the continent, have a look at:
This page here covers only Hard Rock, Pure Metal, Thrash and Death Thrash. Friends of Black, Death, Grind, Hardcore and other stuff will have to create their own page
Big thanks to my webmaster Matthias for constructing the frames for this page, and thanks to all the other people who helped me with some material. Thanks also to the translators, like the wonderful Eugenia (where are you now girl?), Erico la bestia, Elaine and others!
If anybody wants to reprint and use part of this page, please ask for permission!
After the beginning of this page, there was a request for material from Latin America! So I started my own little distribution! If you are interested, please look in my shop section, which has now sure the widest selection of new Latin American releases in the world! I did not start this page to support my business, but it grew slowly into it! First came the page to remember and support the forgotten bands, and then came the request and the first small start to sell material from there! And now you have a wide selection from all parts of Latin America offered! But now also some jelous guys come and talk bullshit about it (see my guestbook, and my answer in the shop section).
Dominus Praelli, one of the new Metal hopefuls from Brazil

The Spanish translations are now almost complete, as the wondeful Eugenia from Argentina helped me very much! There helped also some fans with Portuguese translations of the Brazil page (which I first never planned), and especially the incredible Elaine helped me a lot!!

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Saludos Metalicos Metalerrrros!

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Poderosos amigos de la Musica Heavy Metal de todo el Mundo!

Esta fue la primer página que escribirá sobre True Metal (Verdadero Metal) de Latinoamerica, el cual fue casi desconocido fuera del área.
Termine mi trabajo en esta pagina por razones personales en 2006!
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